Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooking when lazy

Even though it was foggy and spitty out yesterday, I went to my favourite fruit and veg store to get apples.

While there, I decided I would make a nice supper to go with some frozen tortellini I bought about a month ago to make nice suppers with and haven't looked at since.

I chose:

fresh Ontario spinach (that turned out to be from the US, why?)
a fresh Ontario carrot (that was fresh from Ontario)
a shallot whose provenance I do not recall
two heirloom tomatoes that came from somewhere Really Really Expensive
and some apples.

On the way home I realized how many dishes I'd be washing after supper if I boiled pasta and minced veg and washed and spun and chopped spinach and then cooked it and made a butter sauce etc.

So I started looking up recipes for tortellini casserole in which you throw frozen tortellini right into the dish.


Backup plan: cooking the entire meal at noon, pouring it into casserole dishes, and shoving them into the 'frig to heat at suppertime. Ha! Dishes washed before supper even hungered for!

On opening the bag of frozen tortellini, I discovered it was actually frozen ravioli, but whatever. Less unremarkable: frozen ravioli boils for 3-5 minutes, which is about 10 minutes less than expected. The butter sauce got rushed.

Which is why I have no pictures to show you of this edifying and, considering my recent forays into cooking, surprisingly delicious experience.

I forgot to put in the expensive tomatoes, though. I think today's exciting supper will involve them, and maybe some slices of cheese, and perhaps some bread, toasted. I dare you to find something with fewer dishes to wash.

No, really! I dare you to find something and then give me the recipe for it.

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TexNan said...

I wanta be married to your Hub! Mine so would not eat any of that, and it sounds delish.