Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can there be too much chocolate?

Normally I would say there is no such thing as Too Many Chocolate Chips in a cookie, but after looking at this year's batch of chocolate chip shortbread, I'm not so sure:

Putting the chips in is kind of a violation anyway. The women in my family have been making these cookies for over 100 years and they are supposed to be untainted by anything but the core ingredients, and then rolled out and cut with a krinkly-edged cutter. They're meant to be mixed by hand too, a fearful job in the age of carpal tunnel.

I, having no time for such fripperies, just throw everything into my mixer and let it do the work. I shape the dough into a kind of long tube with four flat sides, wrap it in waxed paper to chill, then slice and bake it. I figured if I was going that far, I might as well add a little something.

Last Christmas, my mother tentatively asked me whether I thought the cookies could be mixed in the mixer and I had to bite my lips before I told her I've been doing it that way for years. So now she's doing it too and hers still taste better than mine.

I'm getting some bonus time with mum next week; maybe I'll ask her to help me mix a batch so I can see where our paths diverge.

Meanwhile, I am just happy that the entire house smells like butter and chocolate. What's not to love? Unless I really did put in too many chocolate chips.


Kathleen Taylor said...

no such thing as too many chocolate chips

Mary Keenan said...

I knew you would say that!! I just had another taste tester check and she agreed, they are fine :^)

TexNan said...

Great idea about the log. I've a lump of shortbread sitting in the fridge waiting to be baked. I may take it out until it's malleable enough, reshape and do as you do cuz it sounds a heckuva better way than mine!