Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lime marmalade

A while ago Melissa at tiny happy made a passing remark about having lime marmalade on something or other, and while I seem to recall the point of this being the something or other I stopped in my tracks at the lime.


In my world, there is only orange marmalade. My mother likes it, so there was usually some in the house when I was growing up and I tried it once.  It was bitter.  There were huge hunks of orange peel in it that stuck to my teeth and were just all wrong, consistency-wise, for a cheery little piece of toast. Admittedly my mother likes tea that pours out like ink, so on reflection I suppose it's possible that other brands of orange marmalade might be less bitter, but still. Marmalade = ew.

Yet there was Melissa liking marmalade, and it was lime, so obviously I had to get some.  I mean, I live in a pretty big city and we do import things.  Surely I should be able to find lime marmalade?

It seemed not, for several months as I haunted different posh grocery shops.  But last week, the nearest one suddenly had: lime marmalade with ginger, lime marmalade fine cut, lime marmalade.  I went for Fine Cut, remembering those hunks of orange peel.

It is heaven.

I might even go back and get the regular kind.  But not the With Ginger.  I mean honestly.  Ginger and Lime?


Silver said...

OMG! I got a whole bunch of Kaffir limes last year from an acquaintance who has a humongous Kaffir lime tree in his back yard, and I totally had plans on making lime marmalade, which I have never had, but which I'm sure I'll like. Since I can't think of anything that tastes of lime that I don't like. ;)

Alas, I failed to use this huge amount of limes to make marmalade ... but next time. Next time.

(I was actually going to make *vanilla* lime marmalade. Do they have that at your posh groceries?)

Mary Keenan said...

No vanilla, no. But now I want to find some. GAH.