Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recovery in progress

Hello there!

I see I haven't posted here in a few weeks... I do write about knitting every weekday of course, but two things have kept me quiet at the Diary:

not much Procrastinate-y has occurred to me

that I have had the energy to write about let alone prep photographs for.

Reader, I am completely wrecked.  Two years of hard slogging in the emotional mines, topped off recently by quite a bit of physical labour, have left me quite happy to do nothing more ambitious every day than eat foods my body likes (as opposed the ones I like) and stay on top of the laundry situation.  I actually washed the vintage teatowels that pass for curtains in my kitchen this week, and while ironing them (!!!) to hang back up again considered taking a picture of them in all their strawberryness to post here, but... too lazy.  Welcome to the new normal.

Some small delights:

I wrote a few lines the other day in a book my writing mentor gave me to aid in Not Losing Ideas.  The only reason I didn't have to dust it off before lifting the cover was that it was buried under a lot of other things that caught the dust first.  The only reason I wrote the lines down instead of committing them to my mental compost pile was that I found the book while digging through the other things to find something that proved not to be there, or anywhere else I could see.

I seem to have mostly reset my perception of 'sweet' such that I can bear drinking tea with about a third as much honey as usual.  This is a good thing for the local bee population.

I reorganized my textile supplies in a showcase sort of display that I adore looking at in spite of not having the least desire to sew.  It's so beautiful I keep thinking I must take pictures of it for the Diary.  On the other hand: lazy.  Plus, there is the terrible interior lighting factor (next on the to-do list.)  Perhaps you can imagine taking every cute vintage storage container you own, from old cookie tins and handbags to china bowls or crystal wineglasses, and putting bits and pieces into them before setting them out in some sort of dust-resistant furniture. 

Another not-picture-taking detail:  I am officially in love with an elusive tea blend, Scottish Breakfast.  I found it at the local Posh Grocer's and adored it, bought a second tin that was the last on the shelf and was not restocked, found it in loose tea form at a more distant Posh Grocer's which then stopped stocking it, then secured it in bag form again at the first PG's.  Each version has enormously pretty packaging but you'll have to imagine that too I'm afraid.

There are a few leaves from the third purchase shifting gently in the tea at the bottom of my cup right now, reminding me of Auntie Bert.  Auntie Bert told fortunes with tea leaves and she was Never, Ever Wrong, mainly by virtue of predicting things she knew were about to happen.  She was a very good Aunt (my great-aunt, actually, in name as well as deed.)

It being June, the garden is growing.  I spent exactly one weekend wresting weeds out of the ground and setting in a very few new plants and ever since the constant cycle of rain and sun has been working wonders on it all.  There are a lot of blossoms, all very pretty, but not as fragrant as the lilac bushes at the hospital (about which the less said the better.)

I am loving Blogger.  I may not write here often, and I may be less often interesting, but writing here has been a great way to keep writing at all and following other people's blogs has been a great way to catch inspiration.  Today's bright spot:  the ever-talented Lucy at Attic24, who possesses the view voted most likely to be coveted by me and is generous about posting frequent photographs of it.  It sounds like Lucy is having a pretty lousy time of it too but my goodness, she is smart.  Three words, folks: flowers, chocolate, magazine.  How could I forget the medicinal powers of that particular combination? 

I am totally getting up the energy to acquire the magazine she's reading.  By which I mean, getting somebody else to pick it up for me.

(I did sew something last week, and I took pictures, and I'll post them in a few days.  Promise.)

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Amy said...

Well, I hear you on the "too overwhelmed physically and emotionally to do anything, really" front. I hope things improve and you start to feel more like...procrastinating? ;-) And in the meantime, here--order yourself some Scottish Breakfast tea from Peet's: (I too covet that Attic view. Gorgeous.)