Monday, July 11, 2011

Chipped paint

This is the Gramma Step:

As I understand it, it was made by a teenaged boy and his dad so his Gramma could climb up into his first pickup truck and ride around the countryside with him.

It's been painted a few times and was well-used by Gramma, and then by a Nana with bad knees, and now by me... as a footstool, as a chair when I'm weeding, as a backdrop for photographing some knitting, and even as a little step to reach up high.  It weighs a ton - there's no way it's gonna tip over when you're on it - but that strap on the end makes it a cinch to cart around to wherever you need it.

I am very attached to the Gramma Step, with its chipped red paint that speaks of years and years of constancy and usefulness and love.  But at the moment I think I value most the fact that it makes the chipped paint on the porch look rustic and charming.  Because I really don't want to paint the porch again this year.

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