Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten minutes

So: I'm working on small cool sewing projects to get to know my new Bernina sewing machine, which is handy because Valentine's Day is coming up. 

The thing I am most in love with for that event is these adorable purse-sized tissue holders.  Who doesn't need one of those?  and I have a little twist on the design I'll share in a few days.  Meanwhile, I'm still working on the assembly line.

And that my friends is what I want to talk to you about today.  The directions clearly indicate that No, Really! you can whip one of these up in ten minutes.  I am sure that this is so: that one could cut out the pieces and whip one up in ten minutes flat.  Maybe even less if an assembly line is involved and the time averaged out.  The trouble is I am not that one, and OH how I'd like to be.

This is what my project looks like so far.

24 sets of ten minutes: cutting out the fabric (admittedly for 31 tissue holders).  Not counting the time it took to pre-shrink the fabric and iron it all, because that's just stash preparation (easily 12 more sets.)

2 sets of ten minutes: heaving the machine out the closet and over to the table, and going back for all the gear that goes with it.  Then getting out the ironing board and iron.  That's just for doing the aforementioned Little Twist.

1 set of ten minutes: cleaning up the table and the floor underneath it for a pristine sewing environment.

And all of it in installments because my free time gets all chopped up into a few hours at a time at most, and that only once or maybe twice a week.  You'll notice I haven't mentioned how long it's taken to sew the tissue holders, and that is because I'm not there yet.  I still have to finish off the Little Twist.

Ten minutes - wouldn't that be bliss? 

It would mean having a place where my machine could be out all the time... a place where my pretty new-look ironing board could be out all the time... where the cutting mat was a proper Olfa one and not the decidedly inferior knockoff I bought at the office store, so that I'd only have to do one pass with the blade...

Here is what I am thinking.

12 sets of ten minutes:  somehow making space on my little desk for the Bernina to sit out all the time
12 sets of ten minutes: using some of my freshly-ironed stash to cut out pieces for a sewing machine cover so the Bernina doesn't get dusty.

2 sets of ten minutes: finding a functional over-the-door ironing board hanger online so I can get the board and iron securely into my bedroom closet - the next best thing to leaving it out (the local stores' offerings are not so heavy on the functional.)

1 set of ten minutes: whipping up a tissue holder in peace and comfort.

Wouldn't that be a great Valentine to myself?

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