Thursday, July 1, 2010

At the beach house

Today is Canada Day (happy birthday, home!) but yesterday was my dream vacation - cool breezes, sunny skies, and no commitments whatsoever bar taking four bags of things I don't have space for over to Goodwill and stopping to buy watermelon on the way home.

Something about the day made me feel I was at a beach house, though I'm pretty landlocked in my part of the city. This is probably in part because of the aforementioned breezes, and the view from my desk:

That's a garage, but with those cedars I always think of my friend Pam inviting me to her grandmother's cottage up at Sauble Beach back when kids could still ride unbuckled in the back of a station wagon and nobody called Child Services, and it magically turns into a boat house in my mind.

I don't have a back deck for admiring that view but I did think to curl up beside another window to do some knitting and glanced outside periodically at this:

I read more of Emma, and later I sat down with friends and watched Wall-E, which I missed when it first came out (what else is new?) and I ate a lot of stuff I don't normally, like chips and cheese dusted popcorn and Oreos (all at once - yes, I know how to party) and generally had an awesome time. I wonder whether today could possibly top it?

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