Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Laundry harvest

After reading this and thinking

b/ how brilliant to make supper immediately after breakfast, thereby being able to do other things right up to the moment of 5pm snackiness and

c/ pasta salad for supper? Yes and yes

I went to shift around the almost-dry laundry to make space for the fresh out of the washer variety and it hit me:

Laundry harvest!

Other people gather food from their gardens with which to make future delicious meals and here I am, gathering clothes from the washer to make future comfy outfits. And just like food (and cleaning) you do all that work only to have to do it all over again for the next round. It's sort of reassuring and also, more than a bit depressing.

But I won't think about that. I will think instead of the importance of remembering to buy staples like pasta and genuinely plain yogurt - vanilla doesn't count - so that next time I want pasta salad I can actually make it.

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