Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Sublimity of Soaps

I'm not talking shower soap here, but the TV kind. There is nothing better for a procrastinator than a soap opera! I am a recovering soap opera addict--I had to stop myself cold turkey when I realized I was depressed every afternoon about Brian cheating on Kelly Ripa's character on All My Children. I mean, I took a job close enough to home, with my lunch break positioned just right to allow me to watch half an hour of that show every single day, and all morning I'd be dialing into a soap opera hotline to find out what was going to happen when I got in front of the set. 15 years on I still can't risk watching a single new scene from any soap and won't be able to for the rest of my life, but thanks to the beauty of YouTube and all those lovely procrastinators who kept videotapes of old episodes and did whatever magic they had to do to upload them, I can go back and watch old scenes and interviews to boot.

So far I've managed to fill three days with Luke and Laura, as well as Genie and Tony. Probably you`d have to have watched both shows to think these are funny, but I did, so I do: check the link list for the clips of L&L on Rosanne, and Rosanne on General Hospital.

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