Thursday, May 29, 2008

time-wasting, how I miss you

I am SO swamped right now, and will be for... well, a few weeks. I think. I got scared looking the calendar so I went into denial.

Most of the busy is actually writing and editing under pressure so it's guilt-free, but it's definitely got some wist in it because I MISS BEING LAZY!

Here is what I would do if I could procrastinate today:

Finish reading The Jade Peony
... in a basket chair suspended from the ceiling
... which I would shop for
... and then install with great effort
Bake bread*
Flip my hair a few times
Look at the garden and Not. Fix. Anything.

I won't say eat ice cream, because I will definitely be doing that. Also, I will consider over the course of several hours how to fit a garden train into my life.

But I will not clean the house, because I stooped to that yesterday.

* the bread recipe is so easy and so rewarding and it's over at my website under Links:


Karen said...

Hey, the "flipping your hair" thing made me remember that I had forgotten to tell you how much I like your new haircut! Sheesh. I have a mind like a sieve. Anyway, your hair is mega-cute now, not that it wasn't before; does this mean you're getting over your erstwhile hairdresser?

Mary Keenan said...

Actually I feel like I'm in a movie where the heroine's husband is presumed dead, and eventually she meets somebody new, and then the husband comes back. Because I really really love my Stevhan hair, while really missing my Giuseppe hair (to say nothing of Giuseppe himself.)

Anyway Giuseppe's not coming back, *sob*! so if I'm not over him yet, I need to be!