Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning: it's a process

I got thinking yesterday that I should really do a regular series of posts on what I've learned about life since last week, because I'm recognizing at last that any sense of normalcy in how one lives it from one day to the next is pure coincidence. At best, you're going to end up with 'the new normal' every few weeks or months when the next disaster, or should I say opportunity?, strikes.

Then I realized the posts would be full of things like, "Chocolate: best not gorged upon, no matter how stressful the day."

How do I know?

Because my first idea was this:

"Pre-made Rice Krispie Squares: pay more for the smaller box; it's safer than buying an economy case of 40."

(it really is safer, though.)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh, yeah. Also "buy small amounts of treats at the bulk food place, where you can get, say, 10 licorice allsorts instead of an entire bag of them (if you like that sort of thing)."