Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas baby

I don't think that's the title of one of my favourite bits from the Verve Christmas collection, but it's how it starts. I'm also partial to Santa Baby and hope these tunes go on playing for a few more days now that I can actually enjoy them - I'm almost halfway through knitting the last Thing.

Seriously, I've been obsessing over that old Hans Christian Anderson story about the princes or princesses who are turned into swans every night and need a sister who knits to make them all some magical shirt by midnight to turn back into themselves forever. She knits like the wind but only gets through half of the last sleeve when the clock strikes, so one of them gets stuck with half arm/half wing. I feared this would be me, with half a Thing to wrap today, but no.

And on that joyful note - my best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday!

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Karen said... we get to see the stuff you've been so industriously knitting in the past few weeks? Photos, my dear! We demand photos! (Okay, I do.)