Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost writing

I finished the social history book yesterday, which buys me time to write down some knitting patterns I've been brewing. This counts as writing, I'm told, not least because one must be clear and accurate and easy to read, while persuading already-overextended knitters that the project will be even more fun to make than the picture of it is cute.

I'll tell you something though - it's nowhere near as fun as writing fiction. Or nonfiction. Or a blog entry, which technically is nonfiction but involves less fact-checking. In fact I'd give up chocolate for a very long time if I could get somebody else to write down the patterns for me, that's how not fun it is.

But I will do it because when I have finished, I will be FREEEEEEEE! and I can go back to work on my novel if I want, or revise a short story I wrote last fall. Both are beginning to call to me and if I can get the patterns down before those calls get too strident, I will be able to have my cake and eat it. And you know how much I love cake, right?

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