Friday, September 24, 2010

Lost and found

I found the book!

And that wasn't the first find, either. Yesterday I got to sit in my big armchair for the first time in ages, turned to look at the books on the shelf beside me and


A library book I had to report returned or possibly missing back at the beginning of the summer was sitting right there with its spine neatly presented.

I was thrilled, but then annoyed that I hadn't found the mitten book, because I am essentially an ungrateful person.

Also: overly suspicious. I was really starting to think that there might be a prank-loving ghost living in my house because I not only lost that book, and the mitten book, and a bottle of sunscreen that was expensive and hard to source for replacement purposes, but also my compact umbrella (pink with little cars, now out of production and purchased to celebrate having got my learning-to-drive permit.)

Having found the library book on the shelf today, and the mitten book just now - it had fallen down the back of a drawer in another IKEA cabinet and was slowly getting bent out of shape in there as parts of it eased out the back where the particleboard rear had come loose, as happens with IKEA cabinets, which is how I managed to find it, noticing the weak pleas for help from those few escaping pages - I'm wondering

will I get my umbrella back now?

I mean, I've fulfilled my obligations on that front. I've stopped looking, and I've bought a replacement. But luck being what it is, I suppose it will be the sunscreen instead. I'm not nearly as likely to need that in fall.


Kathleen Taylor said...

I'm sending umbrella-finding vibes your way

NessaKnits said...

I found my father's mother's wedding ring, which my father had had resized to his size fingers after her death in his timber handling, fire loading gloves this week, some two or so weeks after he missed it and after we had both been using the gloves for about a week. I just jangled them upside down at the right time I guess. Happy jangling for the umbrella. My word to type was seekinab. Omen? (Seek and nab?)

Mary Keenan said...

I hope that's an omen - I still haven't found that umbrella (but the replacement one is a lot lighter so maybe that's okay.) WHAT a relief about your dad's ring!