Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some things I'd like to be doing

I'm getting totally burnt out on the crazy of this year, and I'm ready for Christmas.  Not because I'm done with all the prep, but because I'm done.  You know?

The other day I found myself thinking longingly of the evenings I spent browsing through creative ideas and tagging them from my Pinterest account.  That's how much I need a vacation.  (not to put down Pinterest, which I find immensely valuable.)

Some things I would do if it were up to me:

Sit down
Cook Chicken Stew with Dumplings for supper
Bake bread just for the aroma
Watch a marathon of Foyle's War
Stare at a grey sky as long as I want from a warm cosy room
Curl up in front of a fireplace with friends and hot chocolate
Read a book, cover to cover and not just a page a day

I'd add 'nap in a sunbeam' and 'enjoy a really good cup of tea' except that I'm able to make time for those things.  They are called Survival Tactics.

And now: back to work!


TexNan said...

I'll have to remember where I saw that link! The recipe sounds yummy. (Wish Pinterest would let you pin without a pic. Hate to load up my bookmarks.)

justmeandtwo said...

Oh how tempted I am to now play "hookie" from work and bake some bread...yes, just for the smell wafting through the house and promising yummy goodness.