Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting messy

Things are getting kinda messy around my house, owing to blurred borders between the ongoing Purge Fest and simultaneous Deadline Scramble, not to mention fallout from the now-completed municipal garbage strike, with which I won't bore you.

It all comes down to a four-letter word you never, ever want to hear at the start of a weekend:


I've already been through the house a zillion times hunting for possible bookshelf space, but I'm one of those hopeful people who thinks that eventually the creativity fairy will come and zap a light onto the perfect overlooked spot.

And when I say perfect, I mean not the spaces over the doors, which I keep licking my chops over and then coming to my senses about. Never mind the fact that I'd need a step stool to get up to them; I can guarantee the hardware would fail just as somebody is walking underneath. And that would be really messy.

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