Thursday, September 17, 2009

The deep freeze

Further to yesterday's thoughts of baking, I spent some time last night clearing out the freezer so as to make room for completed batches of same, to be baked once I'm over my dang cold. This is always a depressing opportunity to revisit the disconnect between:

a/ my aspirations toward sensible, planned, healthy, economical eating and

b/ my inability to see past the front layer of frozen goodness

(aka, the seemingly bottomless box of Fudgsicles.)

I'm pretty good for the first 8 or so weeks after my big autumn clearout, when I know that everything in there is still definitely safe to eat, and I'm pretty sure I won't come down with 'flu and need the last single serving of chicken soup I froze with future time-constrained suppers in mind, but after that...

... things start to slide.

I'm always hoarding the good stuff in January when I know I'll get 'flu, but not when. March gets to be pretty much of a black hole for the freezer; by June, it's guaranteed that anything in there is no longer edible, but I'm too obsessed with salvaging the front garden to deal with it. And then from July until I can't stand it any more it's just a repository for Fudgsicles - dessert for after a takeout meal.

Lots of people I know buy chest freezers to store preplanned meals and don't have any of these problems. I wonder what they do right?

I'll tell you what I'm going to do right. I've got a pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove right now that isn't going to go into the freezer at all. It keeps for a week in the 'frig - seven blissful cool autumn days of soup. Mmmmmm.

* * * * *

ps if you checked out the Fudgsicle link, did you see this?? You can get root beer Popsicles again! My mum used to buy those by accident when she was going for chocolate - and you know how I love chocolate, but man. Those were the best mistakes ever.

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