Wednesday, September 16, 2009


goat cheese
grape tomatoes and
chopped basil from the garden before we had a week of sunny weather during which I did not think to water anything.

The lemon thyme survived, though!

(hungry now?)

It's come to my attention that lunch should be a delicious enticing meal that not only provides escapism from the events of the morning, but re-energizes you to face the rest of the day.

Such lunch should be pretty like my baguette and goat cheese feast, but taste better than said feast (the grape tomatoes were pretty much wax, but the cherry tomato plants in my garden, which somehow survived me not watering them very much, weren't offering anything that day.)

And... such lunch should feature dessert. Be it coronation grapes (found more, yay!) or a very few delicious cookies, there has to be a sweet or it doesn't count - the more homespun, the better.

Why these insights occur to me when I am too sick to bake, I do not know. Perhaps it's the germs deliberately jacking up the agony?

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Karen said...

Oh, how I loves me some goat cheese and tomatoes and basil! I think I might have to go in search of same when lunch rolls around today.

A note of caution: beware the dreaded Coronation grape, at least in excess. I will not spell out the consequences, except to say that should you overindulge, you might want to stock up on bathroom reading material. Do not ask how I know this.


That is all.