Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mystery view

I'm sick again - too sick to think about writing, which is

(are you sitting down??)

what I had scheduled for myself this week.

No, really!

So I've been resting and getting some knitting projects into their 'mindless work' stage and being thankful that I was so productive on the cleanup front before I was Struck Down.

I discovered many forgotten loves during said cleanup, including a beautiful blue tile coaster from my cousin on which I set my tea for many happy years until I misplaced it - and then tragically broke while washing it for a new life on my new desk.

I didn't break this though:

I bought it from the hospital auxiliary store when I was a teenager, because I thought it looked so magical. I've hung it near my desk for inspiration for years, apart from the last few when it too was misplaced, and do you know, I still love it.

Isn't it interesting to think that somebody took this photograph and liked it enough - out of all the landscape photographs people take - to have it framed and then hang it up? And that after s/he died or for some other reason had to shed personal belongings, a teenager liked it enough to do the same?

I kind of wish I knew where it was taken. Is it some famous view in England I just didn't see when I lived there? Or maybe it's more special not to know.

I'm happy to have it back regardless, and wishing I had a few extra inches of wall space on which to hang it.


Kathleen Taylor said...

there's a story in that picture, you know. Hope you feel better soon.

Mary Keenan said...

Aha! and now you know why I bought it and kept it all these years :^)