Monday, July 28, 2008

I work best under pressure

Okay, I've been on vacation which means tons of prep ahead of time and tons of cleanup after and tons to do while on it, but I can't seem to stop working on a measly 5 pages I want to submit to a creative nonfiction competition at the end of the week.

I do mean that - the postmark on the envelope has to be this Friday. I've probably spent more time per page on this thing than on most short stories I've written, and it's still not there, and I've never had so many distractions as I do right now which makes it hard to keep going. But I'm driven. I'm thinking about my piece all the time and stealing back to the file whenever I get three minutes.

I'm hoping all this energy for something so impractical means it's worth something, and not that I'm learning the art of backwards procrastination.

Though I suppose that would mean, at least, more fodder for this diary...

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