Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Orthodontic Diet, Phase Three

I got braces a couple of years ago and my orthodontist told me not to be surprised if I lost weight because it would be such a hassle to eat. Ha.

When I was done with them, he sent me off to have my teeth whitened which meant wearing trays for 3 or more hours a day at the time when fudgsicles are at their most beguiling. Again, ha.

But yesterday while eating a carrot (no, really!) part of my permanent retainer came loose and now there's a sharp metal prong sticking into my tongue every time I talk, which is pretty much always. owEEEE. And my orthodontist can't see me till Wednesday. The short term fix: shoving a glob of wax over the metal. It works beautifully until I eat something. Then it falls off. I don't think even chocolate is fabulous enough to justify going through that.

Someday somebody's going to figure out how to market the metal prong idea and make a fortune. It can't be worse than the lemon juice diet, can it?


Kathleen Taylor said...

aieee! Maybe a hunk of chewing gum would stay in place and cover the metal better? Nah, that probably won't work either.

Chocolate is still a good idea though- chocolate is always a good idea.

Karen said...

Owee, owee, owee. Rachel is in the final phases of her braces ordeal too, and I'm way too familiar with the metal thing jabbing into the side of the cheek, the tongue, etc....hope it gets fixed fast!!

Mary Keenan said...

I'm pretty impressed by the staying power of this wax stuff, in fact. Five hours and counting! and I can even drink water without dislodging it.

You do make a powerful argument for chocolate, Kathi ;^)