Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Rejection Top Ten

Last night I harvested the first of the rejections I sowed with my post-SummerCamp submissions, and it didn't hurt. I've never been hurt by rejection and once again, I'm wondering why? This time I'm guessing it might be:

10/the addi Click needle set I ordered
9/ the brain book I'm looking forward to reading
8/ the swamp of work I've got this week
7/ the imminence of Halloween
6/ the fresh muffins on the counter
5/ the anticipation of qiviut
4/ the narcotic effect of Ghirardelli hot chocolate
3/ the fact that I finally got my Ravelry invitation and
2/ found the perfect hat pattern there
1/ I have faith in myself.

I'm going with the latter.

1 comment:

Kathleen Taylor said...

I have faith in you too- and total admiration for your stoic acceptance of rejections. I don't cry any more, but I still feel very deflated when I get them. These days though, I do know that there is always another publisher out there.

But needles and chocolate and Ravelry help enormously too.