Monday, May 25, 2009


When I planted my garden last summer -

and if you're new here, you may be amused to know that this meant getting somebody else to scrape off what passed for grass from the whole of the front lawn and dig down a bit through tree roots, then getting myself to haul and position 2 tons of limestone screenings and 1 ton of flagstone inside of five or so evenings (hello biceps!) -

I did not expect that this:

would grow up into this:

I mean, honestly. In its original compact form it stayed green all winter. Am I going to have tall green spikey things sticking up out of the snow next Valentine's Day? Am I supposed to trim it down instead?

It looks like it's about to flower. When I did my planting I was obsessed with sticking to a green and white palette, so I expect these flowers will be white. I sure hope they're pretty.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

tall green spiky things, with white flowers or otherwise, are totally cool