Friday, June 5, 2009

Life lessons from rodents

I've been watching a delightful video collection lately about Little Grey Rabbit, based on the adventures of the title character, Squirrel, and Hare by Alison Uttley that I completely missed when I was a child. Honestly. Kate Greenaway got resurrected, and Peter Rabbit, but not Little Grey Rabbit? So unfair. You can't even buy these videos now - mine is a Reader's Digest set purchased years ago by a late and distant aunt.

I suppose I should get a grip on myself and read the actual books (also out of print) but the character of Hare is voiced by Hugh Laurie, people. Also, it's much easier to knit in front of the TV than it is while reading a book.

Here's the great thing about LGR episodes, apart from the really awesome traditional music performed by highly skilled players my niece recognized immediately by ear (and to whom I apologize for forgetting their names):

They've got all the simplicity and resourcefulness of the Little Women-style books that fed my childhood and calm and energize me even today. The stories are about close friends - rodents included - who face down trials together and make the most of what little is available to create a richness lacking in the material sort of life we're expected by most of today's shampoo and electronics manufacturers to desire above all else.

Seriously, if you spend an hour watching LGR you emerge a new person, eager to make supper from scratch or build a door wreath out of the tiny pine cones and needles blowing around in the back yard.

And Hare is voiced by Hugh Laurie. I ask you!


Binnie Brennan said...

Hugh Laurie... Did you say it's out of print? Oh my.

Mary Keenan said...

Come and visit, and we can have an LGR/knitting/embroidery fest!

st. jude said...

Music by Martin Carthy, I do believe! Of Waterson:Carthy fame, English trad music royalty!

There must be a way to digitize/replicate/preserve your video for *ahem* future generations, Mary. You know, those which I would futurely like to generate.