Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cardboard pencil cases

Lately I've needed to have a couple of freshly sharpened pencils in my purse, which has been a Problem.  Because frankly, does anybody really want graphite marks in the purse lining, or holes poked through it?  Which is why I was attracted to a recycled pencil case project from by Tiffany Threadgould.

Leftover cardboard is so much a better option for getting marked up by graphite than, say, a beautiful fabric pencil case (see objections above.)  I got to the compact version above by adapting the original design to a 1.5" width, which works for four pencils or two plus a pen.

Then I thought of two small friends down the block who might like one too...

... and then a few more people.  The pencil cases are kind of addictive; I kept on cutting after I took this picture.

Some tips:

In terms of sturdiness - Good: cookie boxes.  Better: cereal boxes.  Best: frozen food packaging.  

Check your cutout against the pattern: I managed to cut mine a little short so that they didn't quite fit the length of a new, sharpened pencil.  (solution: sharpen it some more.  nobody has to know.)

When you're scoring the fold lines, do it with the right side up, and congratulate yourself if you cut through the top layer of paper in the process.  It makes the fold SO much cleaner.

The design calls for self-adhesive Velcro, but I found I could just fold the top inside for an equally effective closure.

This project is a great excuse for bringing out Japanese masking tape.  Yum!

Maybe best not to use the box from your favourite cookies for your own pencil case, if you're trying to cut back on desserty things while out and using pencils.  Too much yum!

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Unknown said...

thanks for ReMaking the pencil case, Mary! it looks great!