Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best ever parcel delivery

Okay: who would not want to be startled out of a tea-pouring reverie by the thump of this between their two front doors?

I went fabric shopping at Alewives.  Hey, a girl's got to have something to put a new sewing machine to work over.

Want to see what's inside?

Some kids' fabric for making little presents like Gingercake's Art Caddy Tote...

And more of the same, though let's face it, you know scraps of this stuff are going to make their way into grownups' presents too...

Assuming the grownuppy choices are insufficient for same.  That's a lovely hunk of linen on the left for contrasting and enjoying generally, and an equally lovely bundle of scraps. 

You want to see what's in the scrap bundle too, don't you.

YUM is what I have to say to all that.  Some of it is velveteen, very exciting as I'd never think to buy that for myself and I think it will be amazing paired with some of the linen.  Some of it is very very tiny, but in very fun patterns.  Which makes them perfect for the smaller bits of, for example, Melanie's business/gift card holders I have queued up to get a ridiculously early start on Christmas. 

Also for Thimbleanna's driver's license/keychain/changepurse project (I need this.)

Or even skiptomylou's pleated pouch (another great gift idea.)

In fact I've been gathering a lot of little project ideas over at Pinterest - if you've got exciting fabric begging to be used, you should have a look!

As for me, I'll be hovering over the washing machine.  Because you know I did not wait to pretreat any of it.


Rhea Butler said...

Awww, thanks, Mary! I am so glad you liked your parcel. Enjoy!


Mary Keenan said...

I loved the parcel and I also loved the little leaf pins that were tucked inside! Definitely ordering some of those with the next batch of fabricky goodness :^)