Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cutting up some wool

I don't seem to be sewing much now that I have a new machine, but I certainly am cutting.  Every few days for a few weeks now, I've spent an hour or so slicing up my stash of wool sweaters into tidy little squares:

The general effort is toward 4.5" squares, but I can't always make it in the amount of fabric that's left from previous cuts so I have a few that are narrower.  Later on I'll pair them up and stitch them, patchwork-style, into the requisite size. 

I'm going to make a blanket with them eventually , but I couldn't resist cutting out a heart from one tiny scrap.  It might look cute appliqued on somewhere, don't  you think?

Oh my, I sure do love a felted wool heart.

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