Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Desk revisited

I worked in so many offices before I went freelance, most of them being the reason I went freelance. In one, for reasons I still can't quite discern since it was not a bank or indeed anyplace where the general public might venture, the CEO decided that no personal effects would be permitted to sit out in plain view. Plants, photographs of loved ones, bobble-headed computer friends, pretend trophies with "World's Best Mom/Dad/Insert Name Here" printed on them - all were ordered home in an official memo. Pretty much everybody ignored it.

I myself consider desk effects to be an important part of working life. They can be inspiring, comforting, grounding, and even functional. I'm not getting much desk time at the moment but the cuteness of the new desk makes me long to get back to it all the time. Here's how it looked the other day when I had to work out a mitten pattern for imminent posting on My Other Blog:

My friend Helena, being a glassmaker with great taste, will be annoyed by the giant red plastic bowl. However, it falls into the functional category as an excellent non-breakable container for some things of the inspiring variety (emergency knitting and spinning.) Postcards, tea, the book I'm still trying to comprehend, my ruler, and best of all a lovely view. It's an excellent place for a writer.

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Anonymous said...

Yup - the first thing I noticed was the tupperterror. You just need a matching "non-breakable plastic thing" to keep your tea in ;-)