Friday, May 22, 2009


Last week, a friend gave me one of those miracle sandwiches that make you wonder why you keep smearing peanut butter on white bread and calling it food. Here is the recipe:

Multigrain/seed bread
Slices of freshly roasted chicken
Drippings from said chicken
Crisp lettuce
Flavourful tomatoes and
Giant wedges of cheddar cheese.

I mean seriously! Who puts cheddar cheese in a chicken sandwich?? Have I been living under a rock or is that not the most brilliant concept ever?

I know another mean sandwich maker too. I recognize that I'm a bit slow when it comes to savories, but it never occurred to me to use cranberry sauce in a turkey sandwich until she nonchalantly handed me just such a one the day after Thanksgiving a few years back. So the other day, still sighing over the memory of sandwich excellences, I picked up a few matching things from the grocery store and came home to make something brilliant of my own for once. And here is that recipe:

Mutigrain/seed bread with honey in the dough
A smidge of butter
Crisp lettuce
Heirloom tomato slices and
Havarti cheese

Way less labour-intensive but wow. So fabulous. You gotta have the great bread though, especially if you're not using chicken drippings.

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