Monday, May 18, 2009

Procrastination wreath

It's amazing I still haven't had a call from Martha Stewart. I mean, check out the wreath I bought for my door in December 2007! I've been creatively procrastinating about tossing it for more than a year now.

The wreath was super cute left plain for its first holiday season - it's a basic boxwood, I think, but the leaves were variegated in minty green and cream. It still looked great at Valentine's Day so I put a big red bow on it. And a pastel one for Easter, and a pink one for the summer. By October it had dried out completely but the straw colouring was so perfect for the fall I decided to hang onto it a bit longer. And when it was time to buy a new Christmas wreath for 2008, I decided the straw now looked enough like gold to serve as a nice backdrop for some wine-coloured velvet bows and cuttings of the ivy creeping into my yard from one of the neighbour's gardens.

This past weekend I thought, Enough is enough! And then I looked closer and saw that the dried-out ivy has lovely purple undertones now. So I added a shabby chic ribbon and the ties from a pair of chocolate Easter bunnies. I doubt I can get much more than another month or two out of it though, unless I find some little buckets and shovels to tie on for a summer sand theme. It does look like a pile of sand left in the front hall after everybody's dumped the contents of their shoes, don't you think?


Kathleen Taylor said...

I actually think it's quite pretty. No need to toss it out at all. Just keep changing bows, until it falls apart.

Mary Keenan said...

Yes, I neglected to mention the falling apart thing... little bits of it kiss the carpet every time somebody bashes in or out ;^) I'm impressed so much of it has stayed put!

TexNan said...

I think it looks terrific! Certainly reduces the cost of something if you can use it a long while, huh?