Monday, July 6, 2009

Assorted mix

Seriously, you can buy candy that's called this. Talk about yer redundancy! They should just call it Pretty Good (because it's pretty with all the shapes, and tastes good.) H'mmm. That's not so fab either.

Here's some assorted mixy stuff I did this weekend:

was attacked by one of those owie kinks in my shoulder/neck/back, thereafter turning from the waist to look at anything/one

ate a truly exceptional piece of carrot cake

was complimented on my own baking skills by somebody who didn't try the carrot cake

managed to breakthe spacebar on my keyboard so that it only workssome of the time on the first try

got somebody else to plant the last of the new perennials out front

wondered whether the people who were supposed to paint my porch will ever call to book same

accepted a very nice hug from one of several young guys wearing Free Hugs T shirts

wrote up a couple of knitting patterns

cut out some pieces of a sewing pattern

remembered why I don't sew any more, especially with a super sore back and shoulder


(of course)

consumed rather a lot of ice cream.

Bliss. Except for my back, which is still a mess.

1 comment:

Kathleen Taylor said...

You got a lot done- especially with a sore back. Apply more ice cream (internally, not on your back), and see if that helps.