Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So much of my time goes toward avoiding things that, once begun, are difficult to stop doing. Like eating chocolate (or ice cream, or potato chips.)

Why isn't exercise as difficult to stop, I wonder - or rather, why are our brains designed to be more vulnerable to the allure of manufactured sugar/fat/salt than to simple endorphins? Or maybe what I should really be asking is, how much of a drag is it that it takes two weeks to become addicted to exercise and about two seconds to reach for the next potato chip?

Not to mention that a sizable part of our population works for food companies with specialists formulating the exact balance of addictiveness so we buy more of their products and keep all those people employed?

And then there's the sad fact that exercise goes to the wall once you get sick, which is where today's avoidance is coming in.

I'm trying not to cough.

This happens to me every time with a cold: I get to a certain stage and then I start coughing, and once I start, I can't stop. And I don't mean for a few minutes, either. I'll cough for about 3 weeks and drive everybody around me absolutely insane (while really hurting my throat.)

So today's goal is to not cough. And to not cough I have to not get excited about anything (which is not like me.) Worse, I have to not talk (which is the complete opposite of me.)

And that's why I recommend that everybody take out stock in honey, lemons, and tea. Toodles!

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