Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mary Poppins' carpet bag

Behold, the little bag I bought myself from tinyhappy just before the shop component temporarily - thank goodness - closed up for travel purposes:

When I bought this I thought it would be quite small, and useful perhaps for subway tokens and lip balm, plus maybe my cell phone.

When it arrived and I saw it was much bigger than that, I thought I could carry knitting in it, and since I will be spending a little over 2 hours on public transit (not on strike!) today, it seemed a good time to test my theory. Which was perfectly sound - the pouch is wider than my sock needle holder case thingy, and roomy enough for a sock's worth of yarn, plus the measuring paper I am using for people's heads. (I will be seeing a friend today who insists she has a Big Bean - a very useful person to know when working out a Size Large hat pattern.)

Then I realized I would need to take a little more with me than this. You can knit a lot of sock in two hours, so I tossed in A Sock I Knit Earlier for comparison purposes, and my measuring tape, so that I don't accidentally work past the heel.

Then I realized that if I do go far enough to need the heel, I should switch to the second sock, since heel-knitting and public transit and me are not a good threesome.

A pen seemed sensible as well.

And there is still room in the bag for my camera, and maybe a little snack! Definitely, Mary Poppins magic.

Just in case you are thinking this post has nothing to do with writing or procrastination - though I assure you the process of setting up and taking such photographs is highly procrasinatory - today's trip is to the open-to-guests night of SummerCamp for Writers. I didn't register this year, knowing that I wouldn't be able to commit the time, but some other friends did, so I'm going to lend my support as they all read from their work to a roomful of people.

And I hope to have a good deal of writing inspiration in my Mary Poppins bag when I get back.

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