Monday, July 13, 2009

Post office deliverance

This is one of a few times of the year when I look at the months' worth of flotsam and jetsam that choke the corners of my kitchen counters and laundry shelf and say


and sort it all into File, Recycling, and - worst case - Landfill.

Unfortunately, my city is currently hosting a strike for a variety of services, including garbage/recycling/composting pickup. So I can't throw anything out.

I did my best this weekend. I carved out temporary storage space for some of it. I made a big box bigger by folding up the top flaps and taping them together, and filled it with paper to be stored in the garage and recycled when times improve. I recycled some mailing envelopes (another perk of online shopping) by filling them with other things I have left sitting out for the day when I might get around to mailing them. And then I mailed them.

Here's an interesting but little-observed-by-me fact: When you mail stuff, it stops being in your space! You don't have to plot or scheme or shift things around - it's just gone! and you have the added bonus of knowing that the things that were becoming a weighty responsibility while in said space are going to make a happy moment for somebody else, just as you intended when you first set them aside in a pile of papers on the kitchen counter.

Love, love, love the postal service. Especially because they didn't go on strike this summer.

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Karen said...

So, just theoretically, you might be able to solve part of the garbage strike thing through creative mailing? Clever!!