Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night I did some vine-swinging through a lot of craft and sewing blogs for no particular reason except maybe that I wanted to have a good cry over the face that everybody seems to have a studio but me, even if it's a just a scrap of a three-season mudroom.

(heck, I get weepy over not having three season mudroom.)

Not that I really need a studio, because I'm not one of those writers who sews enormous bolts of fabric or sets a huge quilt down on the floor to work on (I'm looking at you, Kathi) but still. Dedicated space! A room of one's own, but for needle art!

Anyway through the tears I decided I like:

this doily table runner.

this inspiration board system.

and incidentally this doily pillow.

everything at blah to TADA!, which is brilliant with the ideas for recycling blah stuff into really, really cool stuff.

(and I'm going to mull over the vintage handkerchief ideas there, because I accumulated a stack of 'em last summer.)

this bag from Tiny Happy, complete with instructions.

And after I decided all that, I sat down with The Morville Hours and a teacup of chocolate chips. Because I know how to have a good time.

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