Friday, January 8, 2010

The week that went

Okay, I know time flies when you're having fun

- so that doesn't explain why an entire day disappeared from this week. I didn't have a whole ton of fun. But I am practically certain that at least one day did disappear, and not from me sleeping through it. (I wish: and my vote would be for Tuesday.)

It wasn't a complete loss, because I was able to pick up some Hovis Biscuits from the butcher shop, but then I discovered - can you believe it? - this staple of 'treat' larder has no web page of its own!


Well, there is a little information on wikipedia that explains why Hovis biscuits are special: they are sweet, but still just right for putting slices of cheese on top.

Mind you, I also find cheese goes very nicely on a McVitie's biscuit, packages of which I can just pick up at the regular grocery store. McVitie's are produced by the same manufacturer as Hovis but are more popular and therefore rate their own wikipedia page.

On the other hand, Hovis biscuits are sort of squared-off, which makes the cheese fit perfectly on them (McVitie's are round), and they include a little oatmeal, which I like.

I don't actually put cheese on either biscuit more than once or twice a year, but it's nice to know you can. Mostly, they simply serve as a cookie I can have without tremendous amounts of guilt.

And there you have it, my entire week summarized: a week so bad that, apart from the surprising response to my suggestion of an online knitting group, a package of extremely plain cookies is the highlight. Perhaps while I eat them, other things will begin to fall back into place?


Karen said...

It's January. Very Plain Cookies are this month's theme, didn't you know? :)

Karen said...

Also, I need you to explain to me about the whole "taking a picture of your own hat" thing. We can take this over to the Rav group, if necessary.