Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get thee behind me distraction

Ugh. I seem to have entered troubled waters, in which many competing issues are capturing my attention, few of them happily. The other night I had a momentary flickering of an idea for revising one of my short stories and then it was out again - stomped on, as it were, by something that wouldn't even burn its foot.

(Fortunately I had the sense to write down the idea and mention it to a couple of people, two things that tend to reinforce ideas in my mind so I don't forget them.)

This is where knitting is handy, because you have something very tangible in your hands on which to focus. But even there I'm having trouble because I am obsessed with working out a particular project, design and structure, and there is math and logic and aesthetic beauty to consider all at once. This is tough to do while wading through the aforementioned troubled waters.

But the worst: I had to stop watching a movie the other day about fifteen minutes in, when some new crisis erupted. That night I woke up thinking,

what happened next?

And the next day I thought,

what was the terrible secret whatsherface was going to find out? and was she really going to hook up with Vincent Price?

And today too. So frustrating. The movie is Dragonwyck, and my local library does not have a copy.

I think this week's episode of comfort shopping should include purchasing it, don't you? It's that or go on watching Greatest Tank Battles with my knitting on a Monday night. And when a stint in a nice safe tank (preferably one sitting in the Used Tank lot) looks attractive, you've got to do something.

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