Thursday, January 28, 2010

The trouble with tribbles

The other day I wrote about my ill-fated trip to the fabric store, and then left us all at the edge of a cliff.

Well, partway down the cliff was a ledge just wide enough for the following experience: the first attempt at sewing tribble-like Things.

As you can see, there are a good few supplies needed for such an endeavor. The actual process though is simple:

With a needle and, assuming you have foresight, contrasting thread, sew a running stitch around the outside edge of the square cut earlier.

Pull the thread to gather the square into a pocket.

Fill the pocket with stuffing.

Now draw the thread tight and secure with many many stitches. Using fluffy fabric but think you've sewn enough? Sew more.

The photograph above also shows the contrast betweeen 'Too Furry to Put a Face On' and 'Insufficiently Furry to Hide the Wrinkles.'

I might add that lump number one, the furball, was also insufficiently secured owing to my having perfectly matched the thread to the fabric so that I couldn't tell where I'd sewn. It left tiny fluffs all over everyplace it visited until I noticed and traced its departure path with a lint brush.

Stay tuned, but not on the edge of your chair because this could take a while, for the final installment of our story - the one with the the non-sheddy sewing materials and perfectly turned-out Thing at the end! (even if it means I just draw a picture of the ideal Thing and post that.)


Kathleen Taylor said...

they're adorable!

and of course, Trouble With Tribbles is my favorite Star Trek episode.

Karen said...

Adrian actually went to a Vegas theme hotel called something like "the Star Trek Experience" (now defunct), where he bought me my very own Official Star Trek Tribble. It is sound activated, and tribbles and jiggles at any loud noise (at least it did, until I found the batteries and removed them). Our dog thinks it is the Anti-Christ in fun fur.