Thursday, April 22, 2010


A friend told me years ago it's important to balance the body and mind - to be active as well as educated, to put it another way. This was news to me, since I was happy just to sit with my nose in a book for days on end, but when I started getting really active (as opposed to just walking everywhere) I did notice the difference.

The last few days I've faced up to another kind of balance: creativity vs. practicality. When I'm making things, my mind is so full of ideas I block out what's around me and eat cheese sandwiches for weeks.

Just now though, forced by tax season to take a break from all that and look around me, I can see how much has been falling apart on the administrative front. Catching all that and sorting it out, I'm noticing that I'm not snacking all the time, and I feel better. Also: I've been able to make opportunities to practice driving, which I still don't like but am getting slightly more comfortable with.

The trouble is, this is a lesson I've learned many times before, and no matter how I try, I just can't seem to balance creativity with anything. It's all writing or all designing all the time, or else it's healthy living-in-the-moment.

Maybe I just need to accept this about myself - and build in admin. breaks more frequently than once or twice a year?

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Sally Anne said...

I know exactly what you mean Mary...I am the same as in creativity and cheese sandwiches. I love nothing better than to be in my sewing space with all my projects around me. I don't like taking care of the admin stuff, I am totally unstructured !