Friday, April 30, 2010


This post is cruel of me because the product of which I will speak appears to be available only very locally. I'm guessing the principle applies anywhere though so I'm gonna go for it! It was that or more driving talk and I'm trying really hard not to bore people with that all the time.

Okay, so: I have discovered a new granola, and I've made Something Interesting with it.

Not strawberries and yogurt, because the instructions for that are right on the package if I hadn't thought of it already. Though I must say it's is pretty delicious, now that I've eaten it.

I like granola a lot, but I know myself: it's because of the sugar. Most granola has a ton of honey and stuff in it sticking the oatmeal together.

This granola is gluten free and minimally sugary. There's no oatmeal - it uses quinoa instead, plus a lot of nuts and seeds to go with the dried fruits. But what's especially interesting is that the quinoa is kind of flaked. You pour this stuff out and it's going to blend right into its new environment, sticking to everything.

Which is what gave me the idea. The other day I was craving one of those salads you make with chopped apple, grapes, nuts, and mayonnaise-like salad dressing, but I had no grapes. Or walnuts for that matter.

That's when I remembered the granola. Nuts, raisins... would it work if I blended the apple pieces with the mayo stuff and shook the granola over it?

Yes, yes it does. It is awesome, and I even served it at a lunch with guests this week and they are still speaking to me.

In fact I think I might have some for lunch again today... but first, I gotta see whether there are any more strawberries, because I want seconds on breakfast.

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