Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, I'm sick again. And as with every cold I've had since I had pneumonia a few years ago I'm neurotically assessing my lung-filling abilities, which are in fact growing more challenged than the level I noticed two days before the sore throat hit on Friday.

I will be at the doctor's by Wednesday if things don't improve, just to be sure. Because awful though it would be to have pneumonia again, it would be a lot worse to have it and not know. Seriously folks, if you don't rest it off, that stuff can kill ya.

Meanwhile, between bursts of incredibly ill-advised housekeeping, I've been lying around listening to the works of E. F. Benson courtesy of Librivox and talking, when I'm able to talk, with an English inflection.

Did you know you can volunteer to read for Librivox? I did, because you can't go to the main Librivox page without seeing the big volunteer button, but also because I keep being reminded by volunteer readers who mention where to find out how to do it too at the beginning of every chapter.

So now I'm getting kind of obsessed.

Really, this is so much a better idea for me than learning Braille so I can translate books into it for the blind, though I still think that is a fabulous volunteer idea and one I would like to do some day, perhaps later in life than Habitat For Humanity building projects, because you can do the Braille work while waiting to have knee replacement surgery.

But it's also a bad idea because I have to learn to drive now, and then I have to do some writing of fiction, and maybe even get a haircut, all of which suggests that I should not be finding fascinating new ways in which to enjoy life to the fullest that don't involve getting my current things done.

(If that makes sense, and I'm sure it does for most people reading this, and isn't that a sad thing?)

Still, it's a good idea for later, which will hopefully come sooner than usual. Meanwhile, I should go find some fresh boxes of tissue

and boil more water for tea

and wait for my lungs to start filling without my prompting them.

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