Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crunch factor of 6

... for the porch, with nose hair levels at crisp. Oh, wouldn't it be nice if weather reports were really specific about what to expect when you go out in the morning to shake crumbs out of a bag?

It's cold out today, seriously cold, which makes me want to cry about not having been healthy when raking the leaves would have been a pleasant experience. It also makes me wonder what the front garden is going to look like when there's snow on it, something I could find out any day now (which makes me want to cry harder because there is nothing ickier on the spring gardening menu than hauling slimy non-decomposed leaves into bags.)

But to return to important matters: the booksigning is tomorrow night, my hair is still not curling, and there is no chocolate in the house unless you count Ghirardelli, which I kind of do, and now that I think of it there should be a can of the stuff in every Christamas present I give this year, but there might not be because I will probably end up drinking it all first. You know, judging by my Halloween candy track record.


Kathleen Taylor said...

Just letting your wet hair dry naturally doesn't bring the curl back? Can you raise the humidity in your house (steam something?)

I hope the curls return.

btw- I have found an amazing new procrastination tool: Facebook

Mary Keenan said...

The only thing that's gonna make this lid curl properly (instead of sticking straight out from the sides) is three or four weeks of growing time, which even I can't cram into the next 30 hours ;^)

And yes, Facebook is a MOST amazing procrastination tool, though it doesn't have the mildly productive feel of, say, Ravelry...