Friday, November 28, 2008

This week's obsession

Okay, are you sitting down? It's related to knitting! I know, I know, isn't it amazing? I bet you so did not see that coming.

While my friends on the other side of the border shop till they drop, I'm on day one of Christmas Knit Madness, with three projects on the go, one of which I'm hoping will be done by suppertime. All three are pretty simple to do, but still, the patterns were made up by me, and I'm doing the same for at least two more presents, too.

And I'm thinking, why not keep track of what I'm doing and share the patterns on Ravelry, so other people can whip up their own in time for Christmas? So far I haven't been able to think of a good reason beyond "they're nice enough ideas but an experienced knitter could figure these out in about twenty minutes", and the counter to that is, "why not save other knitters the twenty minutes?" So now I'm obsessed. I may not be writing any good stories for the next four weeks or so, but I can't wait to write some good patterns.


st. jude said...

I ruined my friend's entire day the other day by linking her to this crafty blog. Much procrastination ensued.

Even the name is cute!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Writing patterns is writing. And, at least in my life, pattern writing pays a lot more than fiction writing. And it's easier (except for that number stuff).

Getting your feet wet with some Ravelry free patterns is a wonderful idea! And no pattern is too simple.