Sunday, November 2, 2008

How many exciting things fit into one day off?

Let's see...

knitting (and ripping out and knitting some more)

getting to tell Wayson Choy in person just how inspired and productive I've been since his workshop at SummerCamp

hearing a fantastic group of writers talk about how their backgrounds influence their writing

seeing a lightbulb go off over my own head when one of them described ditching a novel after writing two transcendent paragraphs about two characters she would be leaving forever after that chapter, so that she could write about them instead, because you don't kick aside such a gift

having a visit with Binnie

running into two other girlfriends and catching up

seeing a dress once owned, apparently, by Marie Antoinette (and if she really did own it then she still had the body of a pre-pubescent child at 15)

eating out (well, okay, owing to a mixup at the museum it ended up being a tuna sandwich and oddly sweet apple cider, but still - out!)

eating chocolate (YES, Hallowe'en candy, I'm terrible, I know)

going to bed super early for serious bonus sleep

I make that 10 and the best day off ever! And now to go eat some more Halloween candy (yes yes, terrible terrible, no knitting for you young lady.)

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