Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The first chair of summer


I got a chair out of the garage.

Had to dig down through (and put away) all the Christmas lights to get to it - you don't want to know how much I had to move to inch it out through the doors - and once I got it into daylight I realized

it can't go one more summer without a fresh coat of stain (I've had these chairs for nearly 14 years so I'm kinda obsessed now with keeping them going as long as possible)

the weather is supposed to turn again on the weekend, right back to subzero (Celcius) temperatures and lots of slushy rainy stuff which means the chair won't even make it to summer if I don't get it back into the garage in the next two days

I can't get anything back into the garage now without a major move of epic proportions because some stuff slipped during the exit and the chair won't go back where it was

probably it won't be convenient to climb over the chair every time I want to take out the garbage

probably it will be even less convenient to pull the garbage bins up and over the chair every time the garbabe is due at the curb

maybe I could just move the chair in and out in emergencies - it's not as heavy as it looks - and

... t's a really, really comfortable chair to sit and knit in, especially when you put it in a sunpatch. Ahhhh, summer - are you really three months away?

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