Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new use for old shoulder pads

When I was buying up all those wool sweaters for felting I came across a massive double-breasted charcoal grey waffle-stitch 1980s cardigan/coat thing that... well, really. Hideous. Must have made whoever wore it look like a battleship sailing proudly out of the harbour, which is not an effect the average girl is looking to achieve.

I finally got around to taking it apart a couple of weeks ago and as I snipped out the shoulder pads (of course, you couldn't manufacture a sweater like that and leave out the giant shoulder pads) I had an Aha! moment.

Which - with the aid of a small rectangle from another sweater - came out looking like this in back,

and this in front.

I gave it to my goddaughter for her birthday with a present tucked inside. I was thinking it could do for jewelry or stamps or folding money or a mobile phone, but she tells me it is the perfect size for CDs, so I expect it will be seeing some action on that front as well.

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TexNan said...

Well done! I have a pair of fabric covered shoulder pads that came in a purple sweater. Thought I might use the fabric in a mixed media flower. As it is, they're just taking up room in an already crowded studio! But yours look lovely. Wish mine had been wool. :p (And I was one of those battleships once, albeit a short one.)