Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They say it's spring

Well, they don't say that actually, but I think it is. It is definitely warm out, and all the snow has melted, and tons of little shoots are sticking up out of the ground and I saw blue flowers too!

Yes it is all happening a month early and yes it could all go again and we could have one last big storm. I don't care.

I want to take the patio furniture out of the garage and be done with it, and not just because I am dying to clean that dump out again and get the Christmas lights back into their storage zone (I am sick of trying not to step on the trailing string all the time ). Though that is definitely a factor.

Another clue: I kinda lost it yesterday with a new approach to clutter management. I took several boxes and swept into them every bit of any non-food or book item sitting out on a horizontal surface and put the boxes into the storage room.

Yes, I was that desperate to feel like I live in a fresh and tidy space.

My plan is to go through the boxes at some later date - hopefully not at 10pm the night before I have to mail the taxes, having suddenly realized that I stored some vital piece of paperwork in them - and either put things neatly away in the spaces that I have made for them in the interim, or put them out of the house entirely.

And that is how I know it is spring. Or else my vacation. (or both?)

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