Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flat as a pancake

In addition to about a metric tonne of chocolate, there was a complete pancake crisis at my place over Easter weekend.

I'm good at pancakes, so periodically I'm called upon to make rather a lot of them, which several years ago led me to purchase a nonstick two-burner griddle for my ceramic-topped stove. Since then I've used that griddle for so many things, the nonstick stuff wore out and I had to stop using it. So with Easter looming, the pressure was on to get myself a (better) replacement.

Voila! The griddle of my dreams, complete with delicious-looking cookbook. I was a happy girl when I took that picture. Then I took off the rest of the wrapping and looked at the bottom of the griddle and realized you can't use it on a ceramic-topped stove (it doesn't make 100% contact with the heating surface and was in fact designed for a gas or electric stove; put it on a ceramic top and it will warp, thereby voiding the warranty.)

So back it went. And home I came again with the next level up at 5x the price and 6x the storage size - an actual electric griddle. Thing of beauty except for two tiny nicks in the nonstick.

So back that went. And I spent Easter doing this:

The skillet in front? Totally burnt most of the pancakes I trusted it with. So I'm still hunting for a griddle and hoping to find it before the next big gorgefest.


Anonymous said...

This is doubtless a laughable suggestion, but how about a good old-fashioned crepe pan? Which would just store neatly under your other frying pans. The way mine does.

Mary Keenan said...

Or a 12" frying pan... but it's the long rectangular shape with the low sides that is such a perfect thing for pancakes (especially when you're making about 30 and hoping to be sitting down with the guests when they're eaten!)

And let's not even talk about 8 grilled cheese sandwiches for a lunch party. Wanh! That was such a hit when I did it with the old pan.