Thursday, April 1, 2010

The trouble with sunny days

Sunny days are so beautiful you just want to be out in them. So it's very very important to rush blindly through the door because sunny days are the best at showing you just how dirty the house is.

And what's worse, all that happy energy you got from looking out the window at the sunshine? Totally transferable to scrubbing the doors of the kitchen cabinets and chasing dust bunnies with the vacuum.

Usually I get along just fine ignoring the house in favour of, say, watching old movies and knitting, or just staring at the computer screen or maybe answering the phone - man, you'd be amazed how many telemarketers have my number - but today, no. I had to clean.

I cleaned for almost a whole hour! before heading out for groceries. And when I came back I could see that the house is still dirty.

But on the bright side, I no longer care. And after I've had a little nap to recover from my efforts, I probably still won't. That's the other trouble with sunny days... it only takes a few hours to get used to them, and then you end up in front of the TV or computer or phone again.

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