Monday, April 26, 2010

Yard sale

I had most of Friday off, and it was super sunny and nice out, which kinda undermined my intention to get the taxes done (the Canadian deadline for those is April 30: looming.) When I spotted an old Singer sewing machine in my neighbours' back yard while I was taking out the recycling, well, that was pretty much that. I mean, I am a procrastinator.

They're moving, you see. To England. And they were having a yard sale on Saturday - this was the setup. And I was going to be away most of Saturday, and I am a yard sale addict, and it's pretty tough for me to resist a look at an old Singer, so I called over to see if I could do an advance shop.

That's how I managed to come home with this:

because the Singer turned out to be the same model as the one I have already. However, there was another sewing machine on offer:

It's not a Bernina, but it should give me some flexibility on the zigzag and decorative stitching front while I save up for one.

And - icing! I spotted this lovely little cup nestled in a box.

Yep, same pattern. When you're lucky, you're lucky.

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